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Stainless Steel Dish Sink Kitchen Sink

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Our sinks maintain a simple and natural style, emphasizing functionality while adding aesthetics, and every inch of the place is more precious because of the essence of technology.



Stainless Steel Dish Sink Kitchen Sink

Model SC4241
Product name Stainless Steel Sink
Material SUS304 Stainless Steel
Shape Rectangle
surface treatment brushed
Sink size 420*380*170mm
Warranty 10 years
OEM/ODM Supported
Style Modern Design
Certification CUPC

Picture showed:

Features of the sink:

1. Stainless steel drain: three-layer protective stainless steel drain, built-in stainless steel cage, slag separation, deodorization, anti-clogging
2. Anti-fouling and easy to clean: Low water absorption rate, easy to clean after replenishing oil.
3. Drawing process: precise drawing process, uniform and delicate, not easy to get oil.
4. Prevent forgetting to turn off the water: high overflow hole design, easy to use.
5. Diversified packaging: multiple packaging, single packaging, honeycomb box packaging, cardboard packaging with carton, cardboard packaging.


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