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Long Strip Linear Floor Drain

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The floor drain is an important interface connecting the drainage pipe system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the residence, its performance directly affects the quality of the air, and the control of odor is very important. The deodorant floor drain should be used first.



Long Strip Linear Floor Drain:


Production description:

Model SLLVA120304
Material Stainless Steel
Color Brush Nickel/Matt Black
Style Modem Simple
Size 305*76*80*1.2S(mm)
Application Bathroom Kitchen Balcony Washing Machine

Hot selling points:

1. Fast drainage, anti-clogging, self-cleaning capacity of 98%;
2. Physical odor, pest control, eradication of toilet odor;
3. Energy-saving design, reducing the thickness of the brick laying cushion and increasing the net height of the room;
4. Quiet design can reduce pipeline noise by 80%;
5. Practical and easy to install;
6. Long-term benefits, prevent all kinds of viruses from entering the room, and bring us a health insurance.

More sizes for your reference:(305*76*80*1.2S/ 610*76*80*1.2S/ 813*76*80*1.2S/915*76*80*1.2S/ 1200*76*80*1.2S)

If our regular sizes cannot satisfy you, we can accept customizing your sizes.





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