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70*600mm European-style Long Floor Drain

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Modern simple floor drain, large displacement, easy bath, suitable for 90% of households, comprehensive solution to drainage problems, no need to worry about installation.



70*600mm European-style Long Floor Drain

Product description:

Model SLKYE-105
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Size 70MMX600MM
Customized yes
Type deodorant
Main sales market Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa……

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Hot selling points:

1. Fast drainage, anti-clogging, self-cleaning capacity of 98%;
2. Physical odor, pest control, eradication of toilet odor;
3. Energy-saving design, reducing the thickness of the brick laying cushion and increasing the net height of the room;
4. Quiet design can reduce pipeline noise by 80%;
5. Practical and easy to install;
6. Long-term benefits, prevent all kinds of viruses from entering the room, and bring us a health insurance.


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